Mike brings experience with policy, regulatory processes, market analysis and education to successfully realize project opportunities that meet market needs.  He has worked on watershed planning and restoration initiatives for the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, along with Jordan and Falls Lake in North Carolina and a number of smaller watersheds. 

Mike’s dedication to protecting ecosystems through policy initiatives led him to become more involved with on-the-ground restoration.  Working with landowners, developing and implementing restoration plans, and seeing ecosystems restored quickly became his passion and he founded Watershed Investments in 2013.

Mike’s experience in site assessment and restoration has allowed him to develop a wide professional network that he utilizes in his project work.  These partnerships, along with those he forges with landowners, are the cornerstone to successfully restoring of degraded ecosystems.  Please reach out if you have questions about project opportunities, partnership interests, or want to explore some of North Carolina’s beautiful natural places.

Email: mike@watershednc.net
Phone: 919-533-9195
Mail: 1630 Weatherford Circle, Raleigh, NC  27604