Chowan Bloom

As the temperatures cool, the likelihood of algae blooms and associated water quality problems diminishes. Flowing through the sparsely populated northeast North Carolina, the Chowan River needs a break from being plagued by several blooms that raised health alerts from the State this summer….

Northern Exposure

Algal Bloom Lake Hopatcong, NJ (Source NJ DEP)

North Carolina is no stranger to algal blooms. Hot summers, runoff from agricultural and urban lands combine with shallow, slow moving estuaries create conditions that cause harmful algal blooms (HABs). While common in our State, its becoming more common in areas to our north….

North River Farms

In 1999, the largest coastal restoration project in NC began with funding from the State’s Clean Water Management Program to purchase nearly 2000 acres of farm land in Carteret County for the purpose of restoring wetlands that were drained to become North River Farms….

Scrubbing and Skimming

Skimming – A recent story on the Corps of Engineers use of algal skimmers in Florida to help combat toxic algal blooms reminded me of North Carolina’s own efforts to combat algal blooms. In Florida, the Lake Okeechobee skimming process uses “dissolved air flotation”…

Upstream Benefits

The Falls Lake Nutrient Strategy put in place by NC DEQ in 2010 provides more than just drinking water protections for Falls Lake. Communities in the Falls watershed such as Durham benefit from the rule protections, too.  Durham’s drinking water supply comes from Lake…


A necessary step in the environmental mitigation process is to secure long-term stewardship of the project site.  Among the responsibilities of the steward is to visit and inspect mitigation sites to make sure that the terms of the easement are being honored.  For the…

Raleigh’s Welcome Change

The City of Raleigh got some good new. As reported on WRAL, the Army Corps approved the City’s request to reallocate Falls lake’s storage toward drinking water allowing the City to increase the drinking water withdrawals by 22 million gallons a day.  As we’ve…

25-Year Jordan Water Quality Trends

A US Geological Survey Report released late in 2018 provides a needed review of water quality trends for select NC rivers and streams over the last 25-years (1989-2013). Importantly, the report focuses on the quality of water flowing to drinking water reservoirs in North…

Extreme Storms, Harmful Blooms

Interesting insight from UNC Research Hans Paerl on what impacts we may be seeing from the extreme storms like hurricanes Matthew and Florence in the coming years.  

Chesapeake Check-In

The Chesapeake Bay has experienced problems similar to those in NC’s estuaries as it relates to nutrient pollution. Low-oxygen “dead zones’ have resulted in persistent fish kills and stressed or diminished aquatic ecosystems. Area draining to the Bay stretches from from New York to…