This past week was a milestone one at Watershed Investments. The State’s Division of Water Resources approved our first nutrient and buffer bank, Neville Farms, located in the Upper New Hope Watershed of Jordan Lake. After working in different aspects of environmental restoration for over 15 years, this approval gave us the green light to open our first bank and is worthy of a post to commemorate the occasion.ApprovalThumbnail

The bank’s formation was made possible by the Neville Family. Going back over 200 years, the Neville’s have farmed land south of Chapel Hill. They currently raise cattle and hay and have a committed legacy to keep farming the land in this corner of the State.

Nettie Mae Neville, the landowner, is the impressive woman that made it all possible. A 30-year elementary school educator, Nettie partnered with us to develop the Neville Farms project. I’ll share more of her story in a future post.

For now, the bank’s been approved and will open for purchases within a week. That feels good!

Watershed Investment’s Mike Herrmann with Nettie Neville.

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