Good News on Hoffman

It’s been some time since Hoffman Forest was last mentioned in this blog, but there was news this week resolving a potential wetlands violation on the grounds of Hoffman Forest by activities conducted by NC State.  These activities included the draining and ditching of wetlands that, depending on when they were conducted, could result in a violation of the Federal Clean Water Act.
The News and Observer reported that the EPA, which has jurisdiction over this matter, has agreed to terms on how to move forward.  As reported:
“the N.C. State Natural Resources Foundation, which manages the forest, agrees to plug some ditches to allow natural water flow on 120 acres of the 79,000-acre forest. It also agrees to update and enhance the water management plan for the entire property to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act.”
The commitment to improved water management is good news.  Given its size at 79,000 acres, small changes to it’s management can make a big difference in water quality and habitat in areas surrounding the forest.  That, combined with the wetland restoration on the property and the continued management of the land in forest, is a welcome outcome to a situation that looked troubling a year back.

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