More Jordan / EPA

To follow up on my previous post, the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) wants to push EPA’s Clean Water Act obligations if the Jordan clean-up strategy is repealed.  This article was posted by “Cheap Trick” Wise in the N&O outlining steps that SELC wants EPA to pursue if the nutrient reduction strategy is repealed.  An excerpt:

“In a May 24 letter to regional Environmental Protection Agency officials in Atlanta, Derb S. Carter, director of SELC’s Chapel Hill office, and Senior Attorney Julie Furr Youngman ask the EPA to “take any and all actions within its power” to ensure the lake meets a federally mandated standard for water quality.”

Actions EPA could take are blunt.  I outlined some in my previous post.

EPA has yet to weigh in on the SELC’s request.

This legislative session is starting to wind down.  We should no soon if this ill-conceived legislative repeal is going any further or if more sensible minds have prevailed.


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