An Interesting Ride

For the second time in about 6 months, Crabtree Creek was in full usage of its floodplains as the Raleigh area received around 7 inches of rain over two days.

Heading down to the greenway along the Creek the week after the rain, we came across this indicator of urban flooding – plastic bags littering suspended tree branches.  It’s one indicator of the being in an urban watershed and the need to try to reduce the amount of plastics we use.

Urban Flooding Indicator

There were other indicators of flooding: washed out sections of greenway pavement, knocked down fencing, and muddy trails.  Remarkably, however, the undeveloped floodplains were functioning in the way that they should and infiltrating the floodwaters that had inundated the area. It was interesting to see these areas doing what they are supposed to given the major flooding a few days earlier.

Crabtree Creek gage during the near record flood earlier this year.

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